Georgie’s Future: Preparing today’s kids for an exciting world up ahead.

What does it take to raise and educate amazing kids? How can we best prepare them for the astonishing future that is coming up?

The research and everyday options can sometimes seem overwhelming, and so, in this series of podcasts, Nick Burnett and Tony Ryan will offer some practical insights for educators and parents alike.

With a focus on 12-year-old Georgie, who will be 32 years old in 2039 AD, they will outline a number of key elements on what is needed to help her live a fulfilling life.

Episode 1. Student Agency Episode 2. Augmented Humans Episode 3. Exponential Change Episode 4. Social Entrepreneurship Episode 5. Mindsets for the Future: Helping children to augment their amazing thinking Episode 6. HIGH TECH: How advanced technology will impact upon the future of today’s children Episode 7. INTO GEORGIE’S FUTURE: Some Ahas from the full podcast series; and Predictions for the near-future of today’s children

Episode 1

2039 AD, realistic optimism and the importance of agency

In this opening episode of ‘Georgie’s Future’ podcast, Nick and Tony explore the possibilities of the next two decades in 12-year-old Georgie’s life. They explore the way that a ‘realistic optimist’ perspective will be critical for her. They also discuss the concept of agency, how important this will be for Georgie and what educators and parents might do to help develop this.

Direct reference is made to:

  • The era of exponential change
  • Three perspectives on the future
  • The futures triangle
  • Risk and protective factors
  • Augmented intelligence
  • What might be added to the curriculum
  • Why the world is better than many people think

Episode 2

Exponential Technology and Advanced Humanity

In episode 2, Nick and Tony discuss the role of exponential technology and its importance in advancing humanity so that we become better human beings. They explore what these technologies are and their possible implications for Georgie, her parents, and those who educate her.

Direct reference is made to:

  • Augmentation
  • Transhumanism
  • Biohacking
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Hybrid humanity
  • Robotics
  • Ethical considerations and different worldviews

Episode 3

Children Thriving In A Rapidly Changing World

In Episode 3, Nick and Tony explore the exponential rush of new data and technology, and whether children (let alone adults) are coping with this information onslaught. A series of practical ideas are offered that may help Georgie and every other child to take advantage of this overwhelming amount of knowledge.

Direct reference is made to:

  • Curation of exponential data
  • Contending with stress, worry and life pressures
  • The rise of adaptive agility
  • The building of resilience

Episode 4

Social Entrepreneurship

In Episode 4, Nick and Tony clarify why Georgie (and every other child) needs to become both entrepreneurial and philanthropic. The powerful combination of these two concepts is known as social entrepreneurialism, which will become a critical characteristic of a successful young adult in the next two decades.

Direct reference is made to:

  • Many practical examples of social entrepreneurialism
  • The ways in which online connection and high tech can support this concept
  • The capabilities that children will need in order to thrive in this field
  • The actions that educators and parents can take today to help children become empathic and socially just

Episode 5

Mindsets for the Future: Helping children to augment their amazing thinking

How do we help children to best augment their intellectual abilities? In Episode 5, Nick and Tony focus on the development of mindsets and thinking processes that help children to engage with their amazing future.

Direct reference is made to:

  • Practical frameworks and everyday strategies that enhance thinking in children (especially Georgie)
  • The boosting of initiative, creativity and curiosity in their learning and their life
  • The encouragement of reflective practice in their everyday functioning
  • The worth of intelligent optimism in their language and their thinking

Episode 6

HIGH TECH: How advanced technology will impact upon the future of today’s children

Are there any limits to the astonishing advances in global technology? How will this AI directly impact upon our young people in their future? In this compelling 6th podcast in the Georgie series, Nick and Tony explore the limits of techno-possibility, and the manner in which it will forever alter their lives.

Direct reference is made to:

  • Concepts such as genetic engineering, human augmentation, IoT, blockchain and life expectancy
  • Issues that may compromise our children’s lives eg cyber-hacking; the dehumanisation of everyday lifestyle
  • The balancing of screen and non-screen time
  • LearnTech and the digital transformation of educational support
  • The worth of high tech in social entrepreneurship

Episode 7

INTO GEORGIE’S FUTURE: Some Ahas from the full podcast series; and Predictions for the near-future of today’s children

In this culminating session on ‘Georgie’s Future’, Nick and Tony offer their wrapup thoughts about her future, and the future for all children.

Direct reference is made to:

  • A series of Ahas that each presenter has gained throughout the full series
  • Several major predictions for our children’s adult lives
  • The critical need for young people to reframe their mindsets about the world up ahead
  • A need for a focus on future priming, not future proofing
  • The concepts of co-learning (think: Tesla cars all sharing knowledge constantly)
  • The rise of ‘homo digitalis’

About the presenters

Nick Burnett

Nick is an Education and Learning Entrepreneur and Futurist.

He has a particular interest and expertise in the areas of exponential technologies and their possible impact on education and learning.

He has been a teacher, senior leader and school principal, and, since 2004, coach, trainer and consultant primarily to those in education, but also to others in the not-for-profit sector.

Nick has run training and facilitation for well over 3000 people, presented at numerous conferences, and has written for a wide range of publications, including authoring books on leadership, behaviour support, restorative practices, Solutions Focused Special Education and The Myriad of Leadership Conversations.

Tony Ryan

Tony is an education futurist. He has worked with over 1000 schools, colleges, and universities in 10 countries on developing their future pathways.

He is the author of the Thinkers Keys, The Ripple Effect, Mindlinks, Wrapped In Living and a series of manuals and workbooks that stimulate innovative thinking in classrooms. His latest book ‘The Next Generation: Preparing Today’s Kids For An Extraordinary Future’ was recently released by Wiley and Sons publishers.

Tony is an ambassador for School Aid Australia, a non-profit organisation that has raised over $5 million in the past ten years to support children in disaster-affected regions of the world.